We expect that many stations looking to make a change in their programming these days are AMs which have acquired a translator on FM. Our own observations show that a majority of these AM stations have been plugged into a satellite-delivered format ... and we can't blame you if you're one of those, because the ad revenue just hasn't been there for stand-alone AMs. Obviously, that's going to change once you're selling a FM signal.

We believe our approach is better than a national format via satellite. And here's why:

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* - We presently research the airplay of over 40 Classic Hits stations nationwide (of which 19 are in the top 25 markets and 11 are in markets 26-50).

Note: Stations carrying the format on a barter basis do run one minute of advertising each hour, pre-scheduled in the automation log. We also only provide limited clock modifications (the barter clock is designed to work with varying local commercial loads) and no library edits for barter stations. However, we do still provide consultation on sales promotions, etc.