Today's radio environment is extremely competitive, even in a small- or unrated market. Listeners are bombarded with options, so your success depends on having a mass appeal format with maximum listening levels.

A few "big name" radio consultants have announced the launch of their new radio formats, which they claim (hope, actually) will "save" the radio business. But let's face it: If you own a radio station in a small or medium market, you don't need something "new" ... you need something that is going to appeal to listeners without straying from the hits that brought them to radio in the first place. And, especially in smaller markets, there simply aren't the resources to do the kind of research that the major market stations use to create programming that not only attracts listeners, but keeps them tuned in ... and coming back time and again. You need to concentrate on your local content, not waste staff time guessing which songs to play or not play. That's where we come in.

Our premiere format, The Eighties Channel™, is a focused approach to Classic Hits. We do the research and program the music for you, focusing on the big hits of CHR and MTV in that decade and providing a music mix that appeals equally to 25-34s and 35-54s. We provide the music library, jingles, liners, and imaging ... plus automation-ready playlists. It's as "turnkey" as it gets while making plenty of room for the important local news, events and features that are the keys to winning in smaller markets. And best of all, it's partially paid for via barter (with a sliding fee option when you need to reclaim inventory)!

We are based in Los Angeles and have access to the best voice talent in the business, which we can use to create new imaging or other production for your station. If you're not ready to go "all in" with the all-80s format, we can also give your station a quick "tune up" to freshen rotations, libraries, and overall station sound. Or we can use our research to create a custom gold-based format just for you. We'll even provide consulting services for the other stations in your cluster, if you'd like us to!

And never mind those exorbitant rates of those big name consultants. We are able, in partnership with national media agencies, to provide The Eighties Channel™ basic format in a combination cash/barter basis ... in which part of your monthly fee (which, by the way, is on a sliding scale by market size) is covered by your carrying their commercials. All you do is plug in your spots, weather, PSAs, and other local content via your existing traffic software.

Sound good? Then call us or use the contact form for more information!

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